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Young Wad - In The Kitchen

Street Heat: A Diamond in the Asphalt!

Derez Harris PKA Young Wad was born August 6, 1989 in St. Louis, MO. Young Wad started sharpening his lyrical skills in neighborhood ciphers with his older brother under the moniker 'Cool D', a name coined by friends and family that described Young Wad's energy and charisma. Crediting his high school friends as the impetus for his craft, high school became a serious turning point in Young Wad's music career. One of Wad's first performances was for an enthusiastic Six Flags audience. Taking to the mic and hitting the stage with professional perfection, Young Wad riddled off lyrics from his ghetto medley "Beat It Up". Considering live performances a pivot in his journey toward stardom, Young Wad quickly perfected his vernacular in the studio and brought it "Live" on the stage. Having attended the University of Phoenix where he studied architectural engineering and business management, Young Wad applied his educational expertise and founded "SCT" a music marketing business. Currently, Young Was is dropping a new mixtape and enlisted with PromoLive Entertainment as new forceful talent to be reckoned with.

What element of difference do you bring to the industry?

I bring truth and originality through my music.

What's your current project?

I'm currently working on 2 EPs: The Forbes List and second is to be announced, though I'm marketing hits from it as well. The Forbes List has a variety of producers I hand picked from St. Louis: Miistro Freeyo, MMO, CA, and AM to name a few. The second EP is all DJ Chopsquad one of Lil Durk's goto producers.

You have some great features in your music. What inspires you to work with other artists and what are some of the "Stand Out" qualities you listen for in other artists?

At times I make songs and I just hear artists that I think would be a great fit. Characteristics I look for in artists are charisma, originality, and most importantly us having a chemistry where fans can feel the connection through the song as well.

What do you see on the horizon for Young Wad and SCT in the next few years to come?

I see the world feeling my music and recognizing all we have done from doing shows in and out of town with artists like Dae Dae, to collaborating with artists like Blac Youngsta, and following up with video visuals. By continuously financing epic accomplishments under my entertainment business SCT, I see us furthering our growth hugely!

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Young Wad: In The Kitchen ft Young Grip

Bout to Go Get It by Young Wad

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