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  1. "Awwwwww" - 4:44
  2. "DOPE" - 3:26


  • Tony MFKN Maze

Tony Mfkn Maze - Awwwwww Single - DOPE Single

What was Your start in Music?

I was literally born into music... My family has been involved with the industry before I was born. Me and Hip-hop fell in love when I was 13 we been rocking ever since. Took time off in 01 to raise my daughter. Now I'm back for what's mine.

Who are your influences?

My musical influence in most part was my aunt. Who use to be a jazz singer Mondee Oliver King how pushed me to use my talents. Artist wise Tupac Shakur open my eyes to the power of words. Mystikal showed me I can be better... I remember listening to the Mind of Mystikal album with my best friend for hours back to back. Biggie showed me... If you dope you dope... Appearances mean nothing. My biggest influence would be the motivation from my daughter, family and friends. My uncle Daryel Oliver McClung kept me focused to build my own empire.

What different do You bring to the music industry?

What I have to offer to the game isn't new... It's whats needed. Everything is either watered down or just too outrageous. Me... I am the balance between the two extremes. Lyrical content with an I dont give a F attitude. The world loves when you don't give a F. Lol

What is your current project?

Currently working on several projects The #KMC Kiss My Converse Ep & The Long awaited Spirit of St. Louis lp. Along wit several Mixtapes nd a short film Directed by Ant Biggs. Im also writing a movie as well.

Where do you see yourself in the few years to come?

Where do I see myself in 5 yrs? One of the biggest hip-hop moguls out of St. Louis. Holding my empire together with ease.

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