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RipGui - All Around The World

Street Heat: RipGui A Phenomenal Street Kast!

RipGui ingredients: 1 whole part Guiasy Butta, 1 whole part Rip James. These two differently styled phenomena work together creating a savory St. Louis styled, lyrical gumbo (a slumbo if you will). Surfacing numerous solo albums and mixtapes over the past decade, the duo is now completing a new album under the RipGui brand. The upcoming album is already in high anticipation with their 2 singles "All Around the World" & "Pull Up" circulating through the net. The two could teach a class in versatility with Rip James also working within the movie scene and Guiasybutta working behind the camera creating videos and commercials. Through the RipGui album, the two use their skills to change the way people love music. Their plan this year is to gather as many fans as they can and share their stories through impeccably styled music that people can relate to. Through goals enriched with merchandising, writing for other artists, and touring, RipGui is looking to pay some bills. With a focused dream to be able to provide housing and clothing to unfortunate families, RipGui brings an 'original form of art' to Rap that's excitably entertaining. @guiasybutta @RipJamesMusic.

What is your inspiration to make music & how did you start?

GuiasyButta - the ability to express my thoughts over beats and make people feel it. RipJames - My little brother Gaylon L TomIin Jr, who I greatly supported, was murdered in 97. He's my inspiration. From that came the name "RipJames" coined by a good friend of mine; CheddaBoy. GuiasyButta The game as a whole inspires me in one way or other.

Who are your music influences?

RipJames Prince one of my favorites. Marvin Gaye, Rakim, LL Cool J; when he came out he was killing sh@! Tupac's passion and Biggie's lyrical story telling. GuiasyButta MASTER P is the person I look up too but the game influences me as a whole. Snoop Dogg, the DJs, my bro 2Chains. Man Migos hard.. errbody!

What is your current project any events or shows you have coming up?

RIPGUI Mixtape album.

What do you bring different to music today?

New Sound, originality, love, hate, passion, good, bad, upbeat, downbeat, and visual entertainment.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years to come?

RipJames Successfully doing what I love, living comfortably with my family, and spreading love. GuiasyButta Getting more exposure, more shows, and touring. I just wanna build real connects, keep living for my babies, have more for my girls. I just love doing music. That's where I want to be. #Fuccwithus

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RipGui: All Around The World

Salad Dressing by Guiasybutta

On My Way by Rip James

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