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Saint Louis Radio is an ever growing outlet for Independent Labels and Artists of all Genres to be heard. As Saint Louis Radio's region of listeners elevate, so does the fan base and followers of the various musicians and artists in rotation. Since the days of "Ragtime" and "Blues" Saint Louis has contributed to the evolution of music. Join us at Saint Louis Radio as another chapter of history is being written from the minds, hearts, and souls of Saint Louis talent to the World. Listen and enjoy!
Ultimately, All you have to do is choose the "Spin Package" best for you and make your payment. It's just that easy! Just click Packages to make your choice. Depending on the package you choose we will contact you for any detailed information needed.
Yes. SaintLouisRadio.com is a licensed internet radio station. Music in rotation is reported to Performance Rights Organizations, SoundExchange, NielsonBDS. These entities monitor medias which play performing artists' music to pay out royalties. Your responsibility is to make sure your music is apart of these entities libraries in-order to claim royalties. If you need help, we are here for you. For further questions click HERE.


Metadata is song information. Song title, Artist name, Label name, Producer name, Publishing company, even the cover image all makes up Metadata. The Performance Rights Organizations use this information to find music in rotation in radio stations, TV, and other broadcast media. Metadata must be accompanied with your music to identify it and is great for promotion as it appears on our station player while your song is playing. If you need us to add your Metadata to our player, we can add this vital service for $5 per song.
All Spin Packages rotate your within "Prime Time" hours which are 2:00pm to 12:00am daily. "Premium Cut" and "Diamond Mix" Packages include the "Live Plug" feature which introduces your music live to our listeners.
Yes. SaintLouisRadio.com can customize a package to suit your needs. Just Contact Us and we'll get you fitted for a custom Spin Package!
Though it is recommended that your music be made available for purchase to the listeners that will be exposed to your music, it is not mandatory for your music to be available in stores. SaintLouisRadio.com offers digital music delivery to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify ect. through our Partner DistributeMyMusic.com.


SoundExchange is a non-profit performance rights organization that collects and distributes royalties on the behalf of sound recording copyright owners (SRCOs and record labels, generally) and featured artists for non-interactive digital transmissions, including satellite, Internet radio, and cable television music channels. In addition to music, SoundExchange also collects royalties for comedy and spoken word recordings.
You will need the UPC for your CD, album download, or single. Also your ISRC codes. If your music is released then this information was given along with your music's release. SaintLouisRadio.com will register your titles for a $30 setup fee plus $1.00 per title. SaintLouisRadio is Monitored by MediaBase and DigitalRadioTracker.
Great! SaintLouisRadio.com is here to help Indie artists get their music careers started. Just Contact Us and we'll point you in the right direction.
Licensing verification report for "Saint Louis Radio" Station's registered website address: http://www.saintlouisradio.com VALIDATED: This is an active StreamLicensing™ Affiliate. This Affiliate's ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SoundExchange and SOCAN royalties and performance fees are reported and paid through StreamLicensing™ LLC. This station is affiliated with StreamLicensing™ for the sole purpose of royalty and performance fee coverage. StreamLicensing™ does not endorse any content or approve any claims and/or products presented. Any illegal activity, or failure to abide by StreamLicensing™ Terms Of Service, terminates affiliation immediately.

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