SLR - Heat! HipHop/Rap "Feature" December | January 2017

Bc - Never Settle

Bc: A Mixtape Mechanic!

Yo what up world it's your boy B.C. Or Lil CEEDA whichever you choose to call me is cool im a rapper/singer by way of st.louis #NIGGAWEDEM #Circlegang #TYLAENT

How did you get started?

I've been doing music since I was 6, but my real journey started my junior year in high school. I was in my high school's rap group named 618 Boyz. Our manager at the time was our school's social worker Linda Wittman who came to us with a nationwide music contest through NIDA (National Institution Drug Abuse). We entered the competition and won 1st place. We won a 3 day and night trip to L.A. for the Grammy weekend in 2011.

What do you bring to the industry?

Originality style technique & staying true to myself.

What's your current project?


Where do you see yourself in the 5 years?

In a better position, expanding my brand, elevating my grind, and continuing to put my all in my work.

Any additional information you want your listeners to know?

My official EP will be dropping soon more music videos more shows be on the lookout for me in 2017!

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Bc: Never Settle

No Good by Bc

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