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T-Real - I Gotta Do

Short Biography

T-Real, Born Darren Johnson in Saint Louis Missouri, is a Rap artist who pulls positivity out of a poverty stricken, troubled child hood where he was the criminal element and a victim to it. Through fierce determination, T-Real turned away from the temptation of the 'easy money' life and start putting in a different type of 'work'. Pursuing education, working, being active in church, and inspiring positivity through his music. Not ashamed to admit his mistakes and explain the struggles that he perseveres, earned this MC a new rep of keeping it real. Coupled with the 'T' from his middle name Terrell, T-Real is not a stage name but a term of endearment from his respected friends and loved ones.

What do you bring to the Industry?

Truth, Responsibility for one's actions, a strong sense of Community, and the strength to work towards positivity. All wrapped up in passionate music to entertain all.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Reaping the benefits of my hard work and benefiting communities on a larger scale. Inspiring people through my music beyond my perception.

"Black on Black Crime" and "I Gotta Do" are in heavy rotation on T-Real has much more to come on the music front so keep your ear to for more from T-Real.

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Black On Black Crime: T-Real ft K-Krush, Pillows

I Gotta Do by T-Real

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